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Kailh Low Profile Red Pro Choc 1350 Switch(35g Linear)

Kailh Low Profile Red Pro Choc 1350 Switch(35g Linear)

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Package contains

Only Kailh low Profile pro red switch(10、30、70、90、110 option)

This link is only the shaft and switches for low profile switch mechanical keyboard which use Kailh 1350 switches.Such as some Logi keyboard.If your keyboard not use 1350,then it can't replace.You can just pull one cap to see the top surface can confirm it


PG1350, also called Kailh Chocolate Switch or Kailh Choc Switch is a series of low-profile metal contact switches from Kailh.

Choc 1350 size is 15x15x8mm

The keycap mount is inspired by Kailh switch but the two types are not compatible.

Likely due to the size, the switch contacts are not the scaled-down Cherry-style contacts as found in SteelSeries QS1; the movable contact instead uses lateral movement. As the size prohibits the use of a click collar, a "click bar" is used instead, which is a rod spring that is pushed aside in a manner similar to that of a click leaf.


Name:Choc Red Pro Switch (Linear Switch)
Operation Force:35±5gf
Operation Travel:1.5±0.5mm
Total Travel:3.0±0.5mm
Lifespan:80 million


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