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M0110 D0110 Bluetooth Wired Hot Swappable Gasket Retro Mechanical Keyboard Kit (Support VIA VIAL )

M0110 D0110 Bluetooth Wired Hot Swappable Gasket Retro Mechanical Keyboard Kit (Support VIA VIAL )

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Beige Plastic Case + FR4 Plate + Wired Bluetooth Hot Swap Type C PCB + 2000mah Battery + PCB Stabilizers + USB Detachable Module + Screws +Rubber Feet + Cable +Switch puller

(No Keycaps and switch-leds,need to assemble yourself)

(This PCB can support many layout,can choose the exact layout as your wish,if you have solder iron,can change yourself)

(The stabilizers is 1x7u + 3x2u)

(Capslock support Lcaps Rcaps both,no need to cut the the switch stem anymore)

We have most switch models in the market,if you want to add switches,can search it in our store or message us to recommend is ok.

To program it with VIAL or VIA,please use the wired mode.

When you connect the cable to PC,it will be wired mode in auto.If you pulled the cable off PC,and turn on the bluetooth,it will be bluetooth mode.Bluetooth switch is under capslock A place.

As default,we setup

Fn+reset to go to bootloader mode

Fn+I O P to choose bluetooth chanel (you can open bluetooth switch,then choose bluetooth channel and then connect the bluetooth).

Fn+<, is used to delete bluetooth connection. Fn+>. is used to reset former bluetooth connection.This only need to use when the channel used up.

The bluetooth board will sleep after 8s without using.It can weak up immediately when you press any keys.

If you can't connect to VIAL,can try to close bluetooth switch and try again.

Solenoid and 2.4G receiver need to add separately if you needed with below link.Can contact us for it.

Additional Items Can Add

Can add usd5 (10 pcs) to upgrade to Black clear Screw-in stabilizers Click

PCB plate Foam Click

Solenoid Click

DSA Profile 9009 ISO Spain German French Dye sub Keycap Click

Cherry Profile Double shot GMK set Click

MA HHKB Keycap Click

Cherry profile Shenpo Style Keycap Click

XDA Normcore Style Mac Keycaps Click


This link is for 60% M0110 hotswap keyboard kit.This YMDK customized edition is called D0110 which is after sales by YMDK only.

The new PCB is STM chipset which get bigger flash memory.It does't need qmk toolbox.Can drag file to PCB directly.

The PCB is fully programmable and support VIA VIAL

The PCB is gold pad and Type C USB port.The USB port is detachable


Just download VIAL software to change keycode /layout is ok.No need to reset PCB. (Can use VIA as well,however VIA need to pass on a json file to get to the software.If you want to use VIA,just message us is ok)

Win System:

Mac System:


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