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Mahjong Keycaps(Dye Sub ZDA Profile PBT 1.55mm)

Mahjong Keycaps(Dye Sub ZDA Profile PBT 1.55mm)

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29 Mahjong Keycaps + Keycap Puller


ZDA profile is a new profile that is similar with but higher than XDA profile,can help create a new handle feel in XDA profile of basis.And it still keep the same height for all rows,so you can replace all keys in all rows if it is novelty keys.

Novelty keycaps have many types,here is ZDA profile Mahjong theme keycaps.

Main for 21 numpad of part,but you can still use it in all rows as your needing.

ZDA profile PBT material,thickness 1.55mm.

If you use ZDA profile,please note that it is higher than XDA profile.That will make the handle feel so differently.


If your keyboard doesn't use mechanical mx or optical switches,the keycaps will not fit it.

If your keyboard use the low-profile mechanical switches,it will not fit.

After Service

If some keys missing or broken on the way,just leave us message,we will send you missing or broken ones soon.

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