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NCR-80 R2 RGB PCB/NCR-80 R2 Plate(NCR-80 R2 Using)

NCR-80 R2 RGB PCB/NCR-80 R2 Plate(NCR-80 R2 Using)

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Package Included(NCR-80 R2 RGB PCB/NCR-80 R2 Plate)

Option 1: NCR-80 R2 RGB PCB

Option 2: NCR-80 R2 Carbon Fiber Plate

Option 3: NCR-80 R3 Glass Fiber Plate

Please note the glass fiber plate fit NCR-80 R3 kit normal.


NCR-80 R2 retro keyboard of hotswap pcb supports RGB leds,so we add it for hotswap pcb option in this link.Please note it is south facing RGB PCB.And still need a soldering iron to add the three indicator leds in top right.

Carbon fiber plate has the better strength.

Glass fiber plate has the better insulation.


The capslock has 2 socket to support both stepped and unstepped edition which get the middle switch stem hole slightly smaller than usual.When you plug capslock key,please cut the middle switch stem off or cut it smaller is ok.

For three indicator ldes,you still need a soldering iron to install it normal.

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Hotswap RGB NCR-80 R2 PCB

Carbon Fiber Plate

Glass Fiber Plate

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