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Outemu SMD MX Switches(No Sockets/3 Pin)

Outemu SMD MX Switches(No Sockets/3 Pin)

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Package Included(Outemu SMD MX Switches)

Switch*quantities(68/75/88/104/200 as options)


OTM Red Black is linear switches,similar to cherry red black.

OTM Brown is tactile switches similar to cherry brown.

OTM blue is tactile and clicky switches,similar to cherry blue.

OTM Purple is tactile switch,operating force is 50gf.It's an upgraded edition for brown

OTM Gold is tactile clicky switches,similar to blue but faster than blue.

OTM Silver is linear switches,similar to red but faster than red.It's suitable for long time gaming.

OTM silent white is linear switches,work force is 45+-10g,work travel is 2+-0.6mm,total travel is 4mm.End force is 65gf Max.

OTM silent gray is tactile switches,Tactile force is 60+-10gf,end force is 65gf.Tactile travel is 1.2mm,total tralvel is 4mm.


Outume MX switches is mostly used in netbar.So the quality of the switches is higher than normal switches.

The pin diameter without socket is 0.9mm.Nearly all DIY PCB can use it.However if you want it to be hot plug,you can only use Outume switches to replace it for the pin diameter limits.

This switch can be used for 3mm 2x3x4mm 1.8mm and SMD leds.

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