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PCB mounted OEM Original Cherry PCB Stabilizers Satellite Axis 7u 6.25u 6u 2u For Mechanical Keyboard Modifier Keys

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This stabilizers are only PCB stabilizers which is directly mounted on PCB.Cherry original stabilizers are more silent when clicking.

Transparent stabilizers is OEM stabilizers as well.OEM stabilizers tactile feeling is more strong however it's bigger noise.

The wire thickness is around 1.6mm.The Cherry original Stabilizer's gap is smaller than OEM stabilizers,so the noise is lower,but the tactile feeling is not so smooth.If you want to get lower and smother tactile feeling,you can lube and clip the cherry original stabilizers as the reddit manuals.

The exact lengh for each wire

7u is 4.525 inch

6.25u is 3.98 inch

6u is 3.8 inch

2u is 1 inch


60 87 Stab set is 1x6.25 (6u or 7u) +4x2u which can be used for GH60 87 Tenkeyless Keyboard

104 Stab set is 1x6.25 (6u or 7u) +7x2u which is used for 96 104 108 keyboard

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