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Split Wood Wrist(Split 75%/Split 64)

Split Wood Wrist(Split 75%/Split 64)

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Split 75%/64 Walnut Wood Wrist


Consider the split keyboard of needing,we prepare two wrists for our split 75% and split 64 keyboards.

Split 64 wrist size: Left 134.7*79*10-20mm,right 160*79*10-20mm

Split 75% wrist size: (Left and right) 180*79.5*10-20mm

Wooden wrist can balance your typing set-up,to give you both healthy typing posture and timeless style,slide a Wooden Wrist Rest next to your keyboard.Wrist rest is good for wrist guard and arm rest.

The wood surface is oil painted to protect the wood rotting.It's a film outside of the surface in images which can split as usual.

For walnut wood,the surface pattern is different because of the material.If you care about this,kindly not order it.

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