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TTC Silent Brown V2 Mute Switches(3 Pin RGB SMD 45g Tactile)

TTC Silent Brown V2 Mute Switches(3 Pin RGB SMD 45g Tactile)

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Package Included(TTC V2 Mute Silent Brown Switches)

Switch*quantities(12/65/90/110 as options)


TTC V2 Mute Silent Brown Switches-3 pin.

The acuation force is 45gf,acuation distance is 2.0mm.Bottom out force is 63.5gf,distance is 4.0mm.

The upper case is PC material,axis is POM,bottom is Nylon PA.


Compatible with smd leds.2 pin 4 pin plug in led is not compatible.

The factory has been lubricated, and it can be used immediately after getting it, which is convenient and hassle-free.


Quiet Rebouce, comfortable paragraph feel, better experience.

More smooth and smooth button experience, it is suitable for both gamers and office workers.

Unique side wall structure, the switch core is more stable, it will not shake while reducing excess noise, and increasing the dustproof effect by 3 times.

Use high-transparency crystal plastic, with better light transmittance, and give full play to the backlight effect of your keyboard.

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