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YMD-65% Plate or PCB(YMD-65% ZJ68 Using)

YMD-65% Plate or PCB(YMD-65% ZJ68 Using)

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ZJ68 Soldering PCB Or ZJ68 Aluminum Plate


For our standard ZJ68 kit,we prepare the ZJ68 soldeing pcb and plate as the replacement when some problems happen.

Soldering south facing rgb underglow pcb,supports qmk and via together.

Plate supports many layouts below,and use aluminum as the material to finish with anodizing.And this plate only support pcb stabs now.

If you need use the plate in other keyboards,can check the plate of size below to check whether your keyboard fit it as 65% layout.

QMK Manuals (Please create the hex file by ZJ68:

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