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YMD-75% 84 Soldering V2 PCB(Bface Programmable/KBD75 YMD-75% Case Kit Using)

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PCB option: YMD-75% Soldering V2 PCB 

Case Plate stab option: YMD-75% Soldering V2 PCB + YMD-75% Plate + PCB Stabilizers (1x6.25+4x2)


1.This link is only PCB for 75% keyboard,namely 84 keyboard.This PCB can be used with KBD75 plate case. 

The PCB plate can be used with kbd75 case v1 edition.The plate is cnc anodized and support switch top removal.

​Plate only has silver color for option.The stabilizers included is OEM PCB stabilizers 1x6.25u+4x2u

2.This PCB has 14-16 underglow RGB leds,ANSI is 16 underglow leds,universal edition has 14 underglow leds.

It support switch leds as well.Both underglow and switch led are controlled by Fn and software PS2AVRGB.

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