YMDK 96 PCB Melody 96 PCB Support ANSI ISO For YMD96 Interchange RS96 AMJ96 b96

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PCB Option: 1x 96 PCB (Diodes Resistors Underglow RGB presoldered)

​PCB Plate Option: 1x96 PCB and 1 silver anodized Plate (This plate is for NYM96 YMD96 Wood case,it's sand blast or brush finished randomly)

Will present some small parts inside the box such as diode,if it's broken on the way,just replace it is ok.


If you need switches \leds \assembly service,just click below link to order,you only need to choose normal shipping,we will ship them together with 96 Kit,such as,if you choose DHL for 96 kit,switches leds China post,we will ship all via DHL.

Switches Click Here

Leds Click Here

Assembly Service Click Here

Keycap click Here


B Mini PCB is programmed with PS2AVRGB.There is 18 underglow RGB leds under PCB.

​QMK Type C gold pad PCB is flashed with qmk tool box.Same as Melody 96 PCB.

Layout supported as below,when you click assembly link,you can choose directly.

The manual for B Mini 96 drive.google.com/open?id=1RS0TpA0MzzGt_pHUwjqY-IxCBHK58YDx

The manual for QMK Type C 96   drive.google.com/open?id=1oJmSfjgs_DugsvloO9VaO5KWvwS4T2OX  

96 Plate size is as below,you can check whether it fits your case yourself