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YMDK Cherry Profile Gradient Color Keycap( Dye Subbed Keycap Set Thick PBT)

YMDK Cherry Profile Gradient Color Keycap( Dye Subbed Keycap Set Thick PBT)

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Package contains:

One set 133 keys OEM profile Side backlit Keycap+ Keycap Puller

There are currently 3 themed keycaps
Green Gradient、Blue Gradient、Blue Gradient

There are only keycaps in this link, the keyboard is not included, the keyboard is just to better show the beauty of the keycaps


Name:Cherry profile Gradient Keycap
Material: Thick PBT material
Profile: Cherry profile
Production Method:Dye-subbed
Total Keys: 149keys
Thickness: 1.6-1.7 mm
Friendly Reminds: Only keycaps, no keyboard
1、The keycap surface is very smooth.However it's PBT material.

Cherry、Gateron、Kailh、TTC MX series switches and MX-style clones
61/63/64/67/68/84/96keys/HHKB layouts
Melody 96 /KBD75 /NCR80
NJ80 /KBD67

Compatible with most mechanical keyboard layout whose space is 7u.Such as NCR80,1.5x ANSI layout,HHKB layout (Not Topre capactive keyboard)

Some Costar stabilizer keyboard whose big keys may be stuck for different amoulding.You can adjust the wire or replace the costar inserts in the common market whose amoulding is more popular.If you have met this problem,just leave us message.We will help you solve it.

If you are confused about whether this keycap is compatible with your keyboard, you can send us a picture for confirmation, and we will help you confirm whether it is compatible with your keyboard

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