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YMD-96 Sandwich Kit(Standard ANSI ISO QMK Hotswap 96 Kit)

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YMD-96 Sandwich Kit: CNC Case Plate + PCB + PCB Stabilizers+ CNC Aluminum Feets + Screws

Upgraded Parts

Change OEM PCB Stabilizers to Clear Gold screw-in stabilizers, add 10pcs links

Add Walnut Wrist Click Here


From 100% to 90%-96 layout,keep some function keys but make the keyboard of size smaller.Create a full integrated keyboard from 100% to the new version-90% special layout.Change the way in keyboard of using totally,96 will be a better layout.

CNC anodized aluminum case with acrylic layer for rgb underglow.

South facing solderin pcb supports many layouts,fit qmk and via together.

Hotswap PCB has two version,V1 south facing or V2 north facing.It is different in some keys of direction,but all fits qmk and via.You can check the link for pcb.

Use the case of top part as the plate for switches of fixing directly,so it is more light for using.

Kit Size: 376*128*13 mm.(Had not added the aluminum feet of height)


If you need add leds yourself,please note that it only supports one color now for backlit.And some keys of places are different in leds of direction for hotswap pcb,like right 1u alt ctrl,left 2.25u shift etc keys.

Soldering PCB supports many layouts,but you need prepare a soldering iron to install switches.

Hotswap needs not soldering for installing.

VIA Manuals   (The keycode for Enter \| need to reversed in soldering pcb)

Layout Supported

Hotswap PCB

Non Hotswap PCB

Images Display


Add switches installed

Add Keycaps installed

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