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YMDK Hot Swap Hot-swappable Kailh Socket 96 PCB V1/V2 QMK Fully Programmable Support ANSI ISO Interchange Melody 96 YMD96

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PCB Option: 1x 96 PCB (Diodes Resistors Underglow RGB Hot socket presoldered) + Switch puller

Hotswap 96 V1: The led direction is south except ESC /F1 /ISO Shift /1u Fn is North led

Hotswap 96 V2: ESC F1 direction is same with F2 F3 etc already.Led direction is North except Lshift \| Ralt RCtrl place is south to support 4 layout in one PCB.

Will present some small diodes resistors inside the box such as 5050 underglow RGB,if it's broken on the way,just replace it is ok.

Additonal prodcut to make a full customized keyboard

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PCB is presoldered with Kailh socket,there is 4 most popular layout for your option.

Switch led can only support 2x3x4 square and 1.8mm butterfly,and you need to solder yourself.To add switch leds,please solder switch led into PCB at first and then put on SMD switches,or it will affect hot swap functions.Only SMD led is ok.

To fit existed case plate,this PCB size is limited and Esc F1 Rcrtl switch led hole is put reserved .Except you use side lit keycaps,there will be no influence.


Non hotswap 96 QMK manual:  drive.google.com/open?id=1oJmSfjgs_DugsvloO9VaO5KWvwS4T2OX

Hotswap 96 QMK Manuals:  drive.google.com/file/d/17u2PHPyHBGkvnsnkOrZEATtR9OkS_guG/view?usp=sharing

Hotswap 96 VIA Manuals: drive.google.com/file/d/18RPcr01UgIxzFhyI94FR7OwCYUdHYH_y/view?usp=sharing   (If you want us to use VIA for non hotswap 96 PCB,the keycode for Enter \| need to reversed)

Layout Description

Image Disaply

Hotswap V2

Hotswap V1

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