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YMDK Split 64 SP64 CNC Aluminum Case Plate Hot Socket Hot Swap PCB Underglow RGB Fully Programmable DIY Kit

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Package Included

Base Kit

CNC case plate + Hot Swap PCB + Acrylic Frame +  8 Rubber Feet + Screws + 5 pin cable to connect 2 split board+ Plate stabilizers (5x2u) 

For the case color,the name is mixed with upper case and bottom case,for example,Black l Black means black top and bottom,Silver l Red means silver top red bottom.

Additional Item You can Add

There is no keycaps and Switches included in these kit,if you need them,just add it from below link

Dye sub keycap Click Here

​Laser Engraved Keycap click Here (if you order for SP64,leave message to get one more blank 2.25u)

Switches Click Here (Around 67 pcs is ok)


PCB is presoldered with diode and resistors and Kailh hot socket,you only need to prepare switches and keycaps to get it work.All MX switches is compatible including Cherry MX Gateron MX Kailh MX and Outemu MX etc.

PCB is high quality black gold pad and it is programmed with bootmapper.It supports split 64 layout.

​The bottom row is 1.25u 1u 1.25u 2.25u 1u 2.75u 1.25u 1.25u 1u 1u 1u.Other rows is same size as GK64

The left space is 2.25u,right space is 2.75u.This PCB is Mini USB port.

PCB attch to upper case with screws which is very tight and easy to mount switches on.

There is a acrylic frame in the middle which can see underglow shine through effects.

There is 3 indicator led hole at the left top.Numlock,Caps,Scrl.You can install led onto PCB yourself.

PCB is fully programmable.There is 12 underglow RGB leds under PCB which can change to many color as you want.


Pls find the manual and software as below link


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