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YMDK Split 75% FL84 Forever Love 84 CNC Aluminum Case Plate Hotswap RGB Fully Programmable PCB Stabilizers DIY Kit VIA VIAL Supported Mechanical Keyboard

YMDK Split 75% FL84 Forever Love 84 CNC Aluminum Case Plate Hotswap RGB Fully Programmable PCB Stabilizers DIY Kit VIA VIAL Supported Mechanical Keyboard

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Package Included

Base Kit
CNC Aluminum Case Integrated Plate + RGB Hotswap PCB + 4 CNC High Aluminum Feet + 4 Lower Rubber Feet + Screws + C to C Spring cable to connect 2 split board + Type A to C Cable + Poron PCB Plate Foam + PCB stabilizers (5x2u)

Kit 1--Leave message switch type you choose

Base Kit + 97 Gateron or Kailh Speed Pro Box switches + Assembly

Switches options:
Gateron Brown \Clear\ Red \Black \Blue \Yellow \Green
Gateron Pro Yellow \Red \Black \Brown
Kailh Speed Copper \Silver \Bronze \Pink \Gold
Kailh Pro Purple \Light Green \Burgundy
Kailh Box Black \Red \Brown \White
JWK C V2 Black

Kit 2 --Leave message switch type you choose
Base Kit + 97 Cherry or Kailh Box or Gateron Silent switches + Assembly

Switches options:
Cherry Black \Red \Brown \Blue (Can add usd18 to upgrade to Cherry Green \Gray \Milk \Clear \Pink)
Kailh Box Jade \Navy \Pink \Burnt orange \Dark Yellow \Pale Blue
Gateron Silent Red \Brown \Black
TTC Silent Brown


Kit 3 --Leave message switch type you choose

Base Kit + 97 switches + Assembly

Switches options:
TTC Silent Bluish White(tactile)
TTC Silent Red(linear)

If you want other switches mode,just message us to add price difference is ok.


This keyboard case is made of CNC aluminum and then anodized.The plate is integrated with top case.

There is switch RGB and underglow RGB both.We have setup the top left 2 leds as capslock Numlock indicator led as default.

This Keyboard use stm 401 chipset whose flash memory is 256k.There are chipset on both left and right PCB.We also designed 2 USB C port on both left and right PCB for different customers’ preference.Middle 2 ones are used to connect 2 PCB halves.Far Left and right ones are used to connect to PC.

Take care : If you connect to PC from the far right USB C,remember the firmware and keycode led effects that you use is stored in right PCB chipset.The same to far left USB C.

This keyboard can use as 2 separate board.If you connect far left and right USB C to computer separately,it needs to modify 2 board separately on VIAL.If you have connected 2 PCB halves already,don’t plug far left and right USB to PC at the same time,or it won’t work.

In one word,this keyboard can use as a full 84 board and use as 2 small boards.Can connect from left port and right port.Only need to note which part USB C you connect to PC then which chipset firmware it will use.

STM chipset does’t use qmktoolbox anymore.If you want some special functions,contact our technician to specially design the file for you.And you can press reset keycode (as default Fn+esc),and there will be USB storage showing up,drag the file inside is ok.If you forgot to setup reset keycode,can contact our customer service to help you solve it.

For original file folder which can use on MSYS etc,we need to get it public 6 months later for the contract with PCB designer.Please understand it.This PCB support VIA and VIAL both.We suggest VIAL software which can detect directly and it has more functions.

Pls find the manual and software as below link

Tips For Assembly

1.Before plugging switches,please test the PCB by the switch puller presented.Just shortcut 2 end of socket is ok.And then start to assemble.

2.Install stabilizers to PCB

3.Screw PCB to upper case,this is optional,not a must.Need to screw copper stand to upper case at first and then screw PCB to copper stand.

4.Plug 4-5 switches to the plate corner and the middle part.

5.Insert these switch pins to PCB socket totally (this should fix the PCB plate place)

6.Plug other switches to plate PCB is ok.We suggest you use a hand to hold the PCB back when plugging switches to avoid the PCB socket plugged loose or off.


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