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Brass Plate Steel Plate Positioning Board Plate-mounted Stabilizers For GH60 XD64 DZ60 GK64 Gk64x GK64xs

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This is the link only for keyboard Plate Stabilizers PCB,no keyboard included.This new plate is compatible with plate stabilizers.

If you choose stabilizers kit,there will be 1x6.25u + 3x2u which is enough for 64 keyboard.

There is a GK64 /GK64x/GK64xs case in our store can support it.   Low Profile   High Profile

This steel plate is original GK64x plate which is white color

Brass plate is PVD brushed.The hardness and sound is better than steel plate.

The OEM plate stabilizers is more smooth but bigger noise,genuine Cherry stabilizers is more silent.


To use on old GK64 GK64s,can attach PCB to plate with 3 screws.Or just attach with switches.It can't use in original GK64 plastic case.Need to replace a GH60 size case

To use on new GK64x GK64xs,PCB and plate can attach with all screws.Or just attach PCB plate by switches is ok as well

To use on GH60 PCB (64 layout),such as DZ60 YD60M OK60 XD60.

How to Mount with GK64/GK64x/GK64xs PCB

1.Mount 4 switches to plate in 4 corners and then plug to PCB

2.After 4 switches mounting propler,the plate PCB will be stable,then mount other switches onto plate PCB is ok

3.Mount PCB plate together to Gh60 size case

Layout support as below

Image Display

Brass Plate

Steel Plate

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